Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Great Bug Hunt

This morning for our preschool lesson we learned about bugs... my least favorite creatures by far. But Cameron is fascinated with them and loves to find them so I figured it would be a good lesson for him. I found some word sheets with different parts of the bug (thorax, legs, antennas, etc) for us to talk about and look at. We painted thumbprint lady bugs and he thought that was a lot of fun too. Then did a few worksheets and we were off to the bug hunt! Before we left I had to go down to the basement to grab something and how ironic (and a little gross) is it that there was this big black grasshopper thing sitting at the bottom of my stairs?! So I yelled to Cameron to bring me the bug catching jar and we snagged it up! I cant quite get over that this nasty thing was in my house lol but it made his day!
 Cameron searching in the plants for bugs....
 We found this little tiny slug and talked about it for a little while. We chatted about how some bugs have hard shells like the grasshopper and they are fast, while other bugs are soft and slow. Sadly for this little guy Cameron got a little excited at one point and kinda squished him.... I know, horrible. =P
 We decided against putting the slug in with the grasshopper, for one at this point he was squished... and for two I explained that bigger bugs eat little bugs so Cameron didnt want to do that. So here is our lone yucky grasshopper....
 We started looking under rocks for bugs now, and good thing we did! They were everywhere! We found a few little slugs and then we stumbled upon a big group of rolly polly bugs (aka potato bugs). Cameron loved that they would roll up into a ball when they were scared and then straighten out and crawl around on his hand. We put 3-4 of these in our jar :)
 Here is our jar with the grasshopper and the rolly pollys....
 Next we spotted this BIG spider! It was a frail little thing but quite large in size. It was really fast too and I wasnt about to pick it up... so we didnt catch it. But we watched it for a little while crawling around on the rocks.
 Cameron observing the bugs we caught when we were all done. After we finished we went inside and painted the bugs we saw. Well, I painted them and Cameron just painted =P It was a fun morning!

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  1. I am glad he enjoyed it! I personally hate bugs but all little boys like them.