Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

I had to forego the Pumpkin Patch post because it was not a pleseant experience this year... A couple days before my camera broke and I had to send it off to Nikon for repair :( So I borrowed a point and shoot from my aunt for the pumpkin patch and of course I can work a fancy DSLR but for some reason I couldnt get the point and shoot to take decent photos! And then, we went to go to a pumpkin patch I had found and we realized once we were there (by now it was already 6:15pm) that they charged admission plus the price of your pumpkins. So we set off to find another one that we didnt have to pay admissions for. By the time we got to one it was already dark and freezing :( So I was kinda grumpy since I couldnt get any good pictures, it was cold and dark, we couldnt barely see to find our pumpkins etc...

So... on to the carving!
 Connor decided to taste his pumpkin while he was cleaning it out... he realized very very quickly it didnt taste very good!
 This picture is for Bret... he thought it was so funny to do this in the background lol
 We cant do anything without power tools in this house!! Which of course Cameron doesnt mind, it made him very happy!

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  1. The picture of Connor tasting the pumpkin is so cute. I love the pictures of Cameron watching Bret use the power tools. You can tell he was really enjoying it.