Monday, October 17, 2011

Under The Sea - Preschool Lesson

This morning we had a lesson on animals that live in the ocean. He loves these types of things, anything to do with animals he gets so excited! He loved talking about all the different animals that live in the ocean, crabs, seahorses, fish, sharks, etc. He told me his favorite sea animal is the crab. He loves crabs! Back home he used to go out in my inlaws backyard or go to the beach with my parents and search for crabs under rocks. He used to get so excited when he would find one, he would pick them up and collect them. After we talked about all the animals and did some fun activities we made a few sea animals of our own. We made a fish first and then made a crab and an octopus. He had a lot of fun making these. I let him choose the colors and cut out the peices needed, except they circle eyes and the crab pinchers I did those. But we have been practicing cutting shapes and so I just drew things out for him and then he cut them. He painted them all and we put them together. He asked me if we could make more another day so I guess he liked it!

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  1. He was so funny when he told me that you don't eat crabs.