Monday, September 26, 2011

My Grandma Compton

 Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my Grandma Comptons death. My Aunt Jenny and I went to her grave and brought some roses for it. Im glad Im close enough I could go visit her grave site. Although visiting graves doesnt really bring me comfort... even though her body is laid there, she isnt there anymore. I think about her quite often and miss her. I wish she could have met my other children (this baby and any future children). But Im so thankful we were able to go visit her in July last year before she passed away so she could meet my boys I have now and see her one last time. I will always miss her and I look forward to seeing her again!


  1. Thanks Babe for taking the flowers down and posting photos. I miss her very much too and I'm very glad she met your children, my grandchildren, and her greatgrandchildren before she passed away.

  2. Thanks for taking me a long.