Monday, September 26, 2011

Dem' Bones! Preschool Lesson

Because we were moving right as preschool was starting here I decided to keep Cameron home his first year of preschool and do it with him! I also figured it would help prepare him better for starting next year. So we started doing lessons last week and will do them 3 days a week (Mon, Wed and Fri). We start by practicing tracing and drawing shapes. Then we work on 3 letters a week. We talk about words that start with that letter and then he practices tracing/writing them. After that we get to do our "fun lesson." Last week we learned about seasons and painted a picture of the 4 seasons. Then we also learned about Dinosaurs. We made Dinosaur puppets on popsicle sticks and then we were archeologists and dug and dusted a little dino out of a chalk egg! He loved that!! He says to me every now and again "Mama, I want to learn today!" So cute!

This morning was time to learn about bones! First I made him a bone book that is shaped like a body. The first page is just a little boy... the next page is his bones, then the next has his organs. We talked about all the different bones in his body and about his heart, lungs, brain and stomach/intestines and what they all do. Then we watched Dem' Bones on my computer, he thought it was funny to see the skeletons dancing.

After that we made a life size Cameron and drew all his bones! (Pardon the artwork... Im not very good lol). First he laid down and we traced him. This was actually quite hard, he wouldnt hold still! Then I asked him where things went and he helped point to where his eyes, nose, ribs, hips, etc went. I drew them and he loved it!

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